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Curator’s Statement

This is an exhibit born out of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, created to provide space for people to be seen and heard. This exhibition is about sharing histories and celebrate lives, and to encourage understanding and respect among neighbors.  In this moment in history, the Carnegie Center for Art & History felt a sense of urgency to share our space to highlight the work and vision of both local and national African American artists to bring national conversations to our space and community.

#BlackArtMatters is about highlighting the talent and value of art created by black artists. But it’s not just about a talent show, it’s also about showing work that deals directly with the lives, histories, and the issues (the matters) of these black artists.

The goal for this exhibition is to provide an opportunity for dialogues to develop throughout the greater Louisville and New Albany area. It is an opportunity for our visitors to connect with these artists’ perspectives, insights, thoughts, ideas, and concerns.

Developing connections is central to this exhibition. It is important for African American children to be able to walk into a museum and see images that they can immediately identify with. That simple action is a powerful, non-verbal indicator that allows them to immediately understand on their own that they belong here, that this museum and the art exhibited here is for them, both now and in the future. This exhibit is also provides a significant opportunity for non-African American visitors step outside of themselves to hear what others are saying, to see things they may not have seen before, and to better recognize the things that are universal to us all.

Connections and familiarity are keys to overcoming the problems that have given birth to the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Until we see eye to eye, until we see ourselves in others, there will be a need for the #BlackLivesMatter call. #BlackArtMatters is just one piece in that greater cause to prompt growth in the individuals and communities that make up our society.

Exhibiting artists include:

Ray Dalton

Stephen Flemister

Robyn Gibson

Natasha Giles

Christina Long

Fahamu Pecou

LaNia Roberts

Dread Scott

Scheherazade Tillet

Shawn Michael Warren


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