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The Carnegie Center is pleased to present the Louisville Area Fiber and Textile Artists Group Exhibition, on display July 26 through October 5, 2013. Founded in 1995, Louisville Area Fiber and Textile Artists (LAFTA) is an organization of local visual artists whose work encompasses various surface design and construction techniques. The exhibit includes work by LAFTA members Lisa Austin, Gweneth A. Dunleavy, Judy Goodwin, Linda Witte Henke, Gloria Kemper-O’Neil, Trish Korte, Bette Levy, Kathleen Loomis, Sallie Manassah, Pamela Mattei, Alyce McDonald, Susan Mercke, Luci Mistratov, Mary Nehring, Leigh Payne, Marti Plager, Jenna Richards, Felice Sachs, Beth Schnellenberger, Pat Sturtzel, Kit Tossman, Joanne Weis, and Suzi Zimmerer.

Members of Louisville Area Fiber and Textile Artists are a very diverse group who share a deep appreciation and passion for a wide range of fiber arts and represent varying degrees of education and training. The two-fold mission of LAFTA is to provide support and information to the members and to increase community awareness and understanding of fiber and textile arts. Objectives of the group are: to provide a forum for the general exchange of ideas and opportunities for networking; to provide members with opportunities to display work and receive critical input; to disseminate information regarding exhibitions, events and resources; to develop exhibitions, workshops and lectures for the membership and the community; and to offer assistance and collaboration to organizations and galleries with similar interests. Please visit for more information on Louisville Area Fiber and Textile Artists.

About the selection process for the works included in this exhibit, juror Beverly Glascock writes, “In selecting from among the more than 70 works that were submitted for this exhibition, my primary goal was to show the incredible variety of mediums and styles that were submitted. I took several elements and factors into consideration in trying to reach this goal. Craftsmanship, skill, technique, form and composition, color and contrast, and the power of the idea were all considered while making my selections for the show… The selected entries are the ones that I felt succeeded the most in showing the incredible range of innovation that exists in fiber and textile art today. They include examples of hand and machine embroidery; beading; netting; dyeing and screen-printing; mixed collage and assemblage. Extending the technical and material scope even further are works in handmade and cast paper, and the incorporation of clay and porcelain into traditional processes. Many of the works are mixed media that inventively combine different materials and techniques. Some are planar, others are multidimensional, some are wearable, and some are sculptural.”


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