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The Carnegie Center is pleased to present the exhibit Of Place, on display October 18, 2013 through January 11, 2014. In 2013, New Albany marks the bicentennial of the founding of the city by brothers Joel, Abner and Nathaniel Scribner. The Bicentennial Celebration, “By the River’s Edge,” explores 200 years of New Albany’s history, highlighting such items as the founding of the city, fashions and entertainment through the years, famous people and events, and the culture and spaces that make our city unique. As the bicentennial year comes to an end, the exhibition Of Place turns our attention to New Albany today and the future of our community. Of Place presents artworks by Tiffany Carbonneau and David Modica, two contemporary New Albany artists that speak to their experiences of living in New Albany today. Their different perspectives influence their points-of-view on the city—one is a longtime resident, the other recently moved here. They both work in relatively new art media—one with photography, the other with video. The combination of their approaches also connects to a theme that finds its way into most discussions about place and culture today, namely the relationship between local and global experiences and societal issues.

David Modica’s photographs explore the stories, characters and places that a resident gets to know intimately when he interacts with the community. He gives us a glimpse of multiple perspectives and experiences that individuals have of our community on a daily basis. About his work in the exhibit, Modica writes, “New Albany is experiencing a revival right in the heart of the city. Witnessing first-hand the re-awakening of a once thriving downtown and the effect it has on the entire city and surrounding area is fascinating and exciting. Exciting because it’s our city that is growing.” He continues, “The photographs in the show Of Place represent everyday life in New Albany from the perspective of someone who grew up here. They are my observations about events, people, and places that give our city its personality. The photos examine both the established and the new cultures and the melding of the two into one new place.” To learn more about David Modica and his work, visit

The videos of Tiffany Carbonneau place New Albany in a global context as a mid-sized city located on a major waterway. Her documentations of similar places around the world strive to show us just how similar our local experience is to that of others around the world. Of Place will include site specific video installations by Carbonneau that highlight the unique architecture of the Carnegie Center for Art and History while calling attention to New Albany’s location on the Ohio River and thus its connection to other river communities on a regional, national and global scale. The video content will include original footage she collected along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, from New Albany to the Mississippi Delta as well as internationally in China, Thailand, Poland, South Africa and Panama. To learn more about Tiffany Carbonneau and her work, visit


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