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The Carnegie Center for Art and History and Ohio Valley Creative Energy are pleased to present a new exhibit, Powering Creativity: Air, Fuel, Heat, on display October 28 through December 30, 2011, at the Carnegie Center. This exhibition of fire arts, works of art that utilize heat or flame in their creation, highlights the exceptional ceramic, glass and metal artworks being created by artists in our region. Air, fuel and heat are all essential for fire to exist, and fire is the key ingredient in the creation of each of the artworks in this exhibit.

Powering Creativity: Air, Fuel, Heat features works by artists from Southern Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky, including: Amy Pender, Aron Conaway, Benjamin Hunter, Brian Harper, Casey Hyland, Chris Chappell, Craig Kaviar, Devin French, Elmer Lucille Allen, Jonathan Swanz, Karine Maynard, Kristen Davis, Leah Friedberg, Matthew Maynard, Nicole Jacquard, Raymond Graf and Wayne Ferguson. These accomplished artists were selected for this exhibit because of the diverse ways that they utilize the techniques and properties of ceramics, glass and metal. From realistic imagery and functional objects, to abstract shapes and explorations of texture and form, the artworks in this exhibit provide an introduction to the limitless possibilities of the fire arts for creative expression.

Another goal of this exhibition is to share information about Ohio Valley Creative Energy (OVCE), a local nonprofit that plans to open a Sustainable Arts & Education Center near the Clark-Floyd landfill that will be powered by its excess methane. This alternative energy source will be used to power ceramic, glass, and metal studios and eventually will grow to include a gallery, a greenhouse, and an education center. Ohio Valley Creative Energy began when a local glass blower contacted the Environmental Protection Agency to inquire about a facility already using landfill methane for glass blowing in North Carolina. What resulted was a partnership between OVCE and a local energy provider, Hoosier Energy, to leverage funding to expand its electric generation capacity at the landfill. In return, OVCE was granted free methane for fire art studios and education in perpetuity. For more information, visit


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